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Tracking Course
Warning - Once you have started down the path to tracking and nature awareness, your walks will never be the same again. Tracking and nature awareness opens your body and mind to information about your environment that you may have never considered possible. Tracking is the art of seeing and feeling what the world around you has to tell.

During this tracking course we will introduce you to the skill and art of tracking. Opening your eyes to a world where tracks give you more information than a finger print ever can, you will never look at tracking, nature or your world in the same way again.

Experienced instructors will guide you through many hands-on activities. You will be surprised by how much you learn and you will be amazed at how you will be able to put it all into practice on the final tracking exercise.

We will also introduce you to the fascinating world of Nature Awareness. This will start to tune you in to ways in which our ancestors (and other peoples within the world of today) had a wider range of tools to call upon for tracking.

Our aim for the course is to introduce you to and take you on a new journey one were you become more integrated with nature, seeing it the way our ancestors may have viewed it and to teach you how to use all of your senses -  including the ones we tend not to use these days - giving you the skills needed to find and follow a live trail, be it animal or human.

There is so much to learn about tracking much more than we can fit into one course but do not let this put you off regardless of experience or background everyone is welcome as we can all learn from each other including instructors, everyone has something to offer.  We are often joined by Geoffrey McMullan BEM MSc. He brings a range of tracking and nature awareness skills to the tracking course.  We mix the more military, enforcement and Search & Rescue (SAR) aspects with some of the less explored tracking and nature awareness skills that you may not experience on other courses.

You will be camping. We will look after you during the course and supply you with cold & hot drinks throughout. Food will be provided by the Wilderness 1-2-1 team.

This course runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and is set in the Sussex countryside.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Next Open Course  will be in Spring 2014 - Dates TBC.