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This course runs on an "as required" basis from April - October - due to available light. The course is run near Henfield in West Sussex.

The course cost is a private booking for a group of up to 3 people - so bring some friends to share the experience. Please contact us for available dates before you purchase.


Your day would start at about 8am and we would aim to finish at about 4-5pm. At the end of the day you will take away with you your newly acquired skills as well your own bow. The day’s activities will end with you shooting your new ‘weapon’. (If travelling by ‘public transport’ be prepared for curious looks and admiring glances from your fellow passengers upon your return journey armed with your new bow!).

Instruction to include:


Tea and coffee are available at all times! Lunch arrangements are flexible. You may bring your own packed lunch, go for a ‘flying’ pub lunch or a buffet lunch can be arranged with veggie/vegan options (prior notice required of special dietary needs please). Pub/buffet lunch cost not included (maximum cost pp £10-£15) and to be agreed before course commencement. N.B. (alcohol consumption restricted) - H&S applies.

Your Instructor

Your instructor is Carl Rasey who has 35+ years experience in the ancient art of the bowyer and who served his apprenticeship under Rex Oakes, who is arguably the best bowyer of the ‘Howard Hill style bow’ in the world.

One day instruction in

‘Rustic / Survival Bow-Making’

This is an introduction to the ancient art of the ‘Bowyer’.

This one day course is a full ‘hands-on’ experience. You will learn how to select your own ‘raw’ bow stave/billet (the blank from which your own bow will be crafted) from local woodland. You will be guided through the initial selection of your bow stave and will hand-craft your own fully-functioning bow using traditional hand tools.