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Wilderness 1-2-1 is was founded in January 2000 by Rob and Mel.

A chance encounter with Field Archery rekindled our love of the great outdoors.  Many years down the line and with an ever growing range of skills, interests and friends, we now try and re-introduce some once essential skills to a wider audience, at the same time hoping that some of our love and knowledge of the outdoors will rub off.  

We don’t just teach Field Archery.  We are proud of the reputation that we have built over the years and have provided our services to bushcraft, survival, nature awareness and wilderness living schools - as well as for private individuals and organisations.  Whilst most of the training that we provide is bespoke, we also offer “open” courses to the public.

We offer a range of equipment to suit many forms of outdoor activities as well as security and industrial applications.  We are happy to advise on suitability.  We are always happy to support organisations and businesses that aim to get people outdoors and enjoying nature - whether you are providing bushcraft, survival, field archery, expedition training, photography, tracking or anything outside.

The range of products in our online store has grown.  Alongside some of your favourite products for the great outdoors you will find some new contenders - selected by us for both quality and functionality.  New must see ranges include:

Petromax - including the fantastic ATAGO; storm and hurricane lanterns and their growing range of dutch ovens and outdoor cooking equipment.  Dont miss the new RF33 Rocket Stove.

Feuerhand - classic German parafin lanterns

RIBZ Front Packs - an ideal solution to keep the kit that you need handy......well, handy.

Gooper Hermetic Dry Bags - foolproof - for even the best outdoorsman.


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